WISHING everyone one of you a very happy and prosperous new year.I wish this new year is successful and everything else that you desire it to be.So the previous year must be left behind.All the incomplete promises,all the restricted heartly desire and every other embarrassing, killing, un-fulfilling situation must be said good-bye.

But I guess the farewell is accompanied by a review of all the events, the progress, the descend that we have made in the year 2013.Most of the publishing houses, the magazines, newspapers, crazy bloggers like me would like to take our readers to a quick tour of the year 2013 to feed you readers with a hope that the next year is surely gonna be great, much promising than this one by pointing out the various comparison between the events.They mainly focus on general events.

Now I have no knowledge in your personal life though I may be open to listen to it, I would like ask all of you to make a note of all the things that happened in the year 2013

1)make a list of reasons why 2013 was better than 2012,the year in which we all were gonna die thanks to the mayan prediction.

2)make a list of all promises you made to yourself, you lover, your worker or any one hoping to fulfill it that very year itself.

3)make a list of all the good things that happened to you a)which were expected, b)not expected

4)all the things that failed you-your friend, your lover, family,work or anyone that left you and made you feel pretty negative about yourself

5)all the things or anyone from your life who made your day, or even your moment memorable- a movie, a song, a candle light light dinner, anything that made you happy, desirable.

6)Now coming back to the promises,how many of those resolutions were completed and how many of them had to face the quote -RESOLUTIONS ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN.

The reason I have asked of you to make this list, which I would advice should be thoroughly reviewed, is that it will help you to focus on the positive happy things that happened to you, all promises that you showered with light.and leave aside the disappointments, worries and all those things that well shouldn’t have occurred in the first place at all.

Now just focus on the positive side of life and hope for a new and Awkward year filled with fortunate events and love and happy ness and lots of romance, life and what ever you want,HeY why don’t you prepare a list of all that you want in this new year and a list of all that you want to avoid,like this

1)all desirable things………………..

2)all undesirable things that you want to stay away  from in this new 2014……………………………

3)your new resolutions and the promises that you want to make to yourself……………..(hoping you don’t leave them incomplete)

4)your expectations (of course positive ones,not like that when will he or she leaves or fails!!!!)

5)one person or a group of them to whom you wanna make feel special this year-your lover, your friends,your children , family anyone…and try to do at least the last one because of this thing is followed sincerely I am damn sure you will earn a happy life from investing in these people!!!!!!HAPPY 2014 TO ALL OF YOU!!!!


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