Dear lord,save us from thy wrath!!

this is just a cry for help for all those attempting to enter the new year. I think this makes them feel sorry for themselves if nothing else. This kind of attitude just makes one feel one sided to the thoughts that are negative and out of alignment with the nature. Life is a gift, not a curse. Let the wings fly open and give yourself a little push off the edge. Doesn’t matter if you can’t fly, doesn’t matter if you fall to the sea…you must know that the person who made you that way made you for a reason and that person won’t let any of his creation go down. you all are part of a distant star that exploded a long time ago…every part of you is made up of a star and that makes you special..You live in the air, walk on the earth created by Him. He won’t let any of his children go down without a fight…There is always a way out and a way in through the set of problems that you think you are surrounded with…Never let that flicker of hope that was lit at your birth go down….surround yourself with the beauties of nature and let the beautiful aura of the sun burn your dark side….rise every day as if that is the day you are born…be genuine…be YOU…cause if anyone is best at being you is YOU!!
Bye…have a nice day!!


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