What ritual You Follow Everyday.Why do you do it? How did you come to adapt it? What happens When You Fail To Do So?

I am not a very punctual person by nature nor do I follow a proper schedule that segregates me from the common people except for a few things that does. I am a follower of Dharma and I try my best to follow most of the principles as prescribed in it. I am fully aware that I don’t always think well,of others,regarding others. I have my meanings of the world, mostly double meanings.
Despite all this one thing that has been constant with me is and what I am proud of is my faith in God. I believe in goodness, hope equality and friendliness and love and the eternal consciousness that binds us together. I have come to realize that things happen for a reason and that reason has a deeper spiritual meaning. One could say one thing that I do daily and may separate me from the crowd is the ability to think spiritually about most of the things if not all.
I do this ritual because I believe in it. In the goodness of people and that the collective humanity can progress and live in unity,peace.
I am not a constant follower of daily news but I do know that humanity is meaning in today’s so called practical world. Nevertheless I
believe in that shimmer of hope of a brighter future as I come to have for a long time.
I came to adopt this ritual because I realized the importance of this ritual. It influences me to be good. It drives me to be a better
person and make others around me happy too. I have come to understand a lot of things in life. I have matured. The change it brought in
me made me take it up as not a part of,but as my whole life itself.
On the days I can’t perform it are the days that I don’t believe I exist. Not because I follow everyday but because I fail to even
remember those awful days. It may be because I don’t want to. I feel let down on those days. Lethargic.Let down.Depressed about my life.
Gloominess. I hate myself the whole day. But then when I do follow the ritual on the next day I do realize that maybe it was just the night being darker than usual. Things happen for a reason and it may have been for something too.


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